Frequently Asked Questions

The solution used in spray tanning is called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with the skin cells located in the stratum corneum of the epidermis (the upper and outermost layer of your skin). As the sugar interacts with the dead skin cells, a color change occurs. This change usually lasts about five to seven days from the initial application. DHA has been in use since the 60s when it was first approved for cosmetic application by the Food and Drug Administration.‍

‍Absolutely! The DHA solution used at Bronzed Tanning is 100% eco-cert DHA, oil-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and doctor approved. 

We use a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) turbine unit to do your spray tan. Think of a vaccum cleaner in reverse. We can do a tan in about 15 minutes however we usually take 15 to 20 minutes to be sure that your tan is completed thoroughly. The time it takes for you enter our location, disrobe, have a consultation, spray tan, dry, and re-dress is about 30 minutes.‍

NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is no SPF protection in any of the solutions on the market today. Just because your skin looks tanned does not mean that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays. You can still get sun-burned if you do not apply any protection.‍

It really depends on your skin type, the solution used, and the length of time between the application and the first shower. Most will last 5 to 7 days but can be extended up to 10 days if using and extender and following the proper aftercare instructions.If you want to keep your tanned look it is recommended to get a spray once a week and apply a moisturizer daily to maintain the tan.‍

There are two HUGE causes for those orange tans and orange/brassy undertones that you see associated with spray tanning. An orange undertone, hue, or color is from too high of a amount of DHA in a single session, or from over saturating (over-applying) DHA. Another huge thing that can cause orange or brassy undertones is the balance of your skin’s PH level. At Bronzed Sunless Tanning, our tanning artist has received the proper education and experience to know how to identify and prevent these problems from occuring with your sunless tan. We offer a No Orange color guarantee with our sunless tanning sessions. A custom airbrush tan should not turn orange, as long as it is applied correctly. Every tanning session comes with a custom blend to match our client's skin tones.  For example, a fair-skinned person would receive a completely different solution than a client with darker skin tone. This is because DHA reacts differently on each client's skin.

No! The tanning solution mist can penetrate past the hair to achieve the same result as spraying someone without hair.

Sweat and water (including rain) will immediately hault the tanning development process. To diminish excessive sweating you need to exfoliate your skin before getting your spray tan. Try to avoid spray tanning on a hot day. We also have “Wet One” wipes to use over your body before the spray tan application.You can also use a body powder where you are likely to sweat once your sunless tan is dry. Ask your tanning artist about what products work best!

You can extend the life of your tan by up to a few days by using a tan extendor product. These are moisturizers that help reduce the sloughing of dry and/or dead skin skin cells. If you have dry skin, I strongly recommend using our sunless line of retail products.

The more the better. A good moisturizer will deliver water to the skin very effectively and keep it in the skin for as long as possible. If you don’t moisturize your skin after being spray tanned, your skin will dry out and exfoliate quickly removing your tan. Your tan will also come to appear more patchy.‍

If you are attending a wedding, party, or other special event you should be spray tanned one or two evenings before the actual event. You should wait at least 36 hours before the event – this allows time for the tan to fully activate and settle. You also have at least two showers to remove bronzers that may be left on the skin so as not to stain your garment for the event.‍