Preparing for your Sunless Tan

Before your appointment it is important for your skin to be exfoliated and clean from any deodorant, soap, lotions, etc. We recommend following the following steps to ensure an ultimate natural, even looking faux glow.

  • Please do any hair removal processes 12-24 hours BEFORE your appointment. Please dont not try to shave right before your appointment. It is best to wait a couple of hours so your pores will have time to close.
  • It is recommended that you exfoliate two times before your tanning appointment. The first time should be between 24-48 hrs before your appointment, and the second time is 12-24 hrs before your appointment. By exfoliating twice you are ensuring the complete removal of your layer of dead skin. This will help provide a fresh, clean, even canvas for your faux glow to be applied to. The better you exfoliate beforehand, the more even and natural looking your sunless tan will be. Proper exfoliating of your skin also ensures even fading of your glow. We recommend starting from the top of your body and working your way down towards your feet to maximize the exfoliating process. Please use an OIL-FREE exfoliant, as body wash products that contain oil and/or aloe, will leave behind a residue barrier that can cause an uneven tan. It is important to remember on the day of your tan to not apply ANYTHING to your skin after your final exfoliation process before your tanning appointment.
  • Please start moisturizing everyday for the week leading up to your first exfoliation. Hydrated, moisturized skin will hold your sunless glow longer, and promote even and natural fading.
  • Do NOT wear any deodorant, body lotions, or perfumes on the day of your tanning session. These products will create a barrier that will affect the outcome of the sunless tan.
  • Do NOT wear any type of makeup, or jewelery to your tanning appointment.

The Day of Your Sunless Tan

On the day of your sunless tanning appointment, we recommend that you follow the following steps to ensure the proper development of your faux glow.

  • Do NOT wear ANY form of tight clothing, including but not limited to: tight shirts, sweaters, belts, jeans, leggings, stockings, tight sneakers, tight socks, gloves, etc.
  • Do NOT wear ANY light colored clothing, lacey undergarments, your favorite VS bra set, your favorite bathing suit, etc.
  • Do NOT wear ANY form of clothing with a drawstring. Drawstrings can cause marks on your skin, which can create werid marks in your tan.
  • Do NOT wear ANY form of clothing that will rub against you as your move. The more your skin rubs along something, the more risk that your sunless tan will develop lighter than other areas.
  • Do NOT wear ANY type of hat. This will cause rubbing against your forehead/hairline.
  • Do NOT wear ANY type of jewlery or accessories during, and up to 1 hr after your sunless tanning session. This will create some awkward tan lines.
  • We DO RECOMMEND wearing dark, loose, comfortable clothes, with flip flips/sandals. We suggest sun dresses, skirts,shorts, loose pants, sweatpants, PJ pants, loose fitting shirts.
  • We DO RECOMMEND wearing something that will COMPLETELY cover your tan, if it is raining or muggy outside!
  • We DO RECOMMEND bring a dark colored old bathing suit,or bra and panty to wear while being tanned. Disposable bra, pasties, thongs, nose plugs, chapstick, and sticky feet will be provided at all tanning sessions. You may wear whatever you feel comfortable standing in.

Caring For Your Glow

  • We high recommend waiting the complete required time for your new sunless glow to achieve full development. If you choose the traditional custom sunless tan is recommended that you waiting 8-12 hrs before taking your post-tan rinse shower. If you choose the Rapid custom sunless tan, than we recommend following your sunless tanning artist’s recommend time guidelines, depending on your customized color will determine the rinse off time, a light glow start at 1-2 hrs, medium at 2-3 hrs, and dark at 4-6. (These times are estimates, you will be told your required development time at your appointment).
  • Your Post-Tan Rinse Shower is a warm water rinse, to remove the cosmetic bronzers that are applied to your skin during your sunless tanning session. Your custom glow will continue to develop its customized color even after you perform this rinse. This should be your very FIRST shower taken at the agreed upon time you are told to shower, after you recieve your sunless tan.
  • After your rinse shower, please do not scrub at your freshly tanned skin, it is recommended to use a sunless tanning safe body wash. Please refrain from using any DOVE soaps, BAR soaps, loofahs, harsh towels/ brushes, etc.

After your first regular shower you may now wear deodorant, sunless safe moisturizing lotions, jewelry, etc. (HEMPZ is one of our favorite store-brought brands). We recommend moisturizing twice a day to help extend the length of your sunless tan.

Bronzed Sunless Tanning send us your glow

Please remember to ask any questions that you may have about the sunless tanning process at any time. We will gladly explain anything related to your customized sunless glow and experience. At Bronzed Sunless Tanning, we enjoy seeing photos of our clients and their faux glows! You can submit your Bronzed glow by clicking the link below,  or on our Contact Us page. Please let us know what you think about your customized glow. We look forward to growing a wonderful friendship together.